Circus Harmony’s St. Louis Arches

With youth performers from Circus Harmony
| 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. | Main Festival Grounds
Bringing new meaning to the idea of juggling or balancing the books, the St. Louis Arches are the high-flying performance troupe from Circus Harmony. The Arches, an acclaimed group of young performers based at City Museum, will perform a variety of circus arts including acrobatic, aerial, juggling and balancing feats of skill and daring. For more than a decade, the Arches partnered with the Jewish/Arab Galilee Circus in Israel, and the children’s book Watch Out for Flying Kids captures the spirit of this partnership.

Circus Harmony


Circus Harmony

Circus Harmony is a non-profit social circus organization that uses circus arts to motivate social change. By inspiring individuals and connecting communities with our circus education and entertainment programs, we have a positive impact on the St. Louis area and beyond.
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